Les Invalides is located in District 7 of Paris, which was a military hospital from the 17th century, later the military mausoleum - the resting place of Emperor Napoleon and many other French generals.


No other figure has entered folk legend around the world like Napoleon.

Emperor Napoleon I (1769-1821) was at the same time as King Quang Trung and King Gia Long. His judgments varied, from time to time, to either be revered or hated. After a period of glorious domination of Europe, he lived the last 6 years of his life in dullness, being plagued on a small island in the Atlantic all year round. He died, his conquering career dissipated. But, as writer Chateaubriand wrote: "in his time he lost the world, died he got the world"

Napoleon Bonaparte was born in a small aristocratic family on the island of Corse. Napoleon graduated from Ecole Militaire with the rank of second lieutenant in the artillery. He must send part of his salary to help the family. He joined the revolution and at the age of 27 was ordained, becoming the savior of France.

He defeated the Austrians brilliantly in the Italian campaign. Then he launched the Egyptian campaign to attack the British rear. He returned to France to take power in 1802 and became emperor two years later. He left Queen Josephine and had no children and got married to the Austrian princess Marie Louis. The emperor defeated the enemy from place to place and made many victories, occupied a lot of land, in order to solve the financial & economic difficulties in the country. For fifteen years, European history had been tied to Napoleon's campaigns even before the throne.

He confronted the great powers of Austria, Russia, especially Britain. After losing the naval battle of Tralfaga (1805), he abandoned his intention to land in England. The Spanish people rebelled in 1808, got help from the British, and set an example for other peoples to be colonized. Napoleon lost the battle against Russia, had to retreat home, losing two-thirds of his army. He formed another army but lost to the coalition of European countries, abdicated in 1874. He was deported to Elbe Island - Italy. 10 months later he crossed the sea and escaped back home. He reigned for only 100 days, lost the Battle of Waterloo, and was exiled to Saint Helen Island in the Atlantic until his death at the age of 52.

Historical figures Napoleon is the subject of many different legends, first of all was the legend created by Napoleon himself (he was born with a talent for propaganda). Even in the Italian campaign of 1797, he created a newspaper called "news of the Italian army" and then "France from the Italian army". The newspaper lifted Napoleon higher than the clouds: the march was lightning fast. He was everywhere and saw anything. The newspapers published in France made him famous. When he was crowned emperor, he became an icon (plainly dressed: gray outerwear, small hat), friendly with soldiers, had an extraordinary capacity of 18 hours / day, doing thousands of jobs but any problem can be solved, and he could sleep at any time.

The battle reports were all changed: the downsizing of the general's talents, only highlighting the emperor's military genius. The newsletters were printed out tens of thousands of sheets, translated into many languages, posted in the streets, commented at the church, read at the theater ... Painting, sculpture, architecture, literature made Napoleon into a heavenly person, image of God on earth, and everyone shall submit. Folk legends of Napoleon cherished in the countryside in the early years of the renaissance in 1817. Difficult economic conditions and declining prestige made people often recall the glorious times, when cheap bread prices, all over Europe trembled at the emperor's reputation. People make paintings reminiscent of old scenes. Especially Beranger, who made a progressive folk song, woven with the image of a simple emperor, stopped at an old lady's house to eat a piece of stewed bread and a cheap glass of wine, and still kept the cup that the emperor drank as a royal blessing. In the modern times, merchants used his image as brands for cheese, wine, and gasoline - they have good sales.

Not only a cultural object, but there are many works of historical research, psychology, ethics, philosophy, military science, education, ethics, politics written about him. The French believe that Emperor Napoleon is the most perfect heroic legend.

The German philosopher Nietzsche argued that Napoleon was the embodiment of mighty will. The psychoanalyst thought Napoleon was very modern because he fulfilled all the dreams that ordinary people have but had to hold back or could not fulfill.