Part 2: Lido Show! 1 năm trước

This is the most famous Cabaret space in Paris, including magnificent bustling dance performances, with a sophisticatedly decorated courtyard. And of course: beautiful dancers Doris is indispensable. Cabaret is available in many places, but it still has its own quality in France


Because talking about France is talking about culture. Minister in charge of Culture is an important position in the cabinet of the French government.

French theater dates back to the Middle Ages, with bold religious colors. Citizens go to the theater as an indispensable spiritual dish.

In the 13th century, drama about the lives of the saints was written in churches, unprofessional theater acted on the suffering of God. Each play has sixty thousand verses and lines of dialogue that took place over several days. There were hundreds of people who are the main and supporting actors, creating an atmosphere of empathy. In the mid-16th century this kind of drama was banned for bringing in real life too much.

Prohibited from acting on saints, there was a new theatrical school based on tales of ancient Greece and Rome. Classic tragedy only put up on the stage a noble character, and had to follow the law of the third one, which promoted heroism, the notion of water, because the great meaning was selfless. French classical theater culminated in the second half of the 17th century with two poles of Moliere & Racine, the two ancestors of classic French comedy. These two authors lashed out at the reactionary feudalism, the stupid church, the peasant patriarchy, the bourgeoisie and the backward populace. The deep laughter of these two authors also hid the tragedy.

There were many world-famous French authors also partially or comprehensively active on the stage like Victor Hugo, A. Dumas …

Saying that in order to see the depth of French culture, the available internal strength, anything of the spiritual game can make people take their hat off.

Lido Show, despite the Cabaret form, also enjoys a bit of a top stage direction throughout the century. The design of the classical Roman semi-moon stage is entertaining, but there are still scenes that capture the audience's tears. The program layout does not adhere to the specifics of space and time. The content is very unique, including singing, dancing, magic, drama, dance ... diverse nuances: from the top Opera to the street theatrical plays, expressing the romantic, silky, funny, hilarious, witty, ridiculous joke life.

Of course, the audience who comes to watch the Show have to dress well, if there is time, then have dinner (sitting near the stage) and enjoy the sweet dessert and watch the show. Guests with less time are served Champagne, sitting in row 2.

If anyone does not understand the content, you can admire the Doris Girls dancers, as beautiful as modern fairies, half-stripped fairies dancing lightly like feathers, mesmerizing men, making the sisters accompanying succumb.

Speaking of Cabaret, we can not forget the Lido Show on Champs-Élysées Avenue.