Deep in autumn 1 năm trước

Autumn is completely the “collaboration” between the sight, the sound & the colour, the flavour and the scent in nature with the human senses.
A painting of the Song Dynasty depicting four scholars walking in an ancient autumn forest, looking up at the foliage. Such a beautiful image, evoking many emotions, for some people it is inspiration when the heart becomes purified, less anxious, and less delusional.

With flowers, the quieter the scent, the more precious it is, a colour of refinement, like the scent - the ancient enjoys flowers with elegance. Flowers bloom in season, lotus brings to mind the cool breeze by the lake, peach flower & Ochna integerrima remind us of Lunar New Year.
In autumn, the most beautiful are chrysanthemum, peony, begonia, Mexican sunflowers, yellow rose, and blackboard tree flowers. Enjoying flowers is not just seeing flowers. China, Japan and the UK have the art of ikebana that have been handed down to our very day.
Flowers are so precious and beautiful that they are likened to the beauty and vice versa. A person who knows how to appreciate flowers at the artistic level of cherishing each petal, not letting the blossom wither, just as the Moon that can be seen when it sets. If not, then so be it, but autumn comes, bringing flower, tea, and wine - why don't we enjoy.
Flowers in autumn seem to be more beautiful, fragrant but the scent is very gentle. Flowers are still the same, but we are settling down, the wind blows softly in the golden melting sunshine. Anyone may arouse the feelings of attachment and sensation, recalling old memories.
A scholar born in the early 20th century described the season of joy, becoming a masterpiece: "Miss the beauty because of the flower, and miss the elegant because of wine & moon, miss the noble because of snow. ... look at the mountains upstairs; look at the snow from the top of the city; look at the flowers in front of the lights; look at the clouds in the boat; look at the beauties under the moon; circumstances vary greatly.."

Vietnam has beautiful landscape, each place has its own hidden spectacular marks. The Northwest is rolling & treacherous, the Northeast is open to sea and mountains, the Midland is peaceful, gentle, being filled with energy & willpower is the North Central, the Central region is broad-minded, the South Central is strong & tough, the South lives with carefree spirit... Autumn appears all over Vietnam with different colours.
But in the whole country, there is no autumn as beautiful as in Hanoi. This is not only mentioned by the local poet, as evidenced by the best music about Hanoi in autumn, many of them are made by the composers who were not born in Hanoi.
“Autumn Hanoi... we're together, the old street, the old house, with the dark brown tile roof.”
Driving among the old trees on Phan Dinh Phung, Nguyen Tri Phuong, and Hoang Dieu streets, slowly detouring to the old quarter, rewarding ourselves and lover with some Hanoi delicacies, then hand in hand crossing the Co Ngu Street (Thanh Nien Street now), sitting next to Tran Quoc Pagoda, relaxingly watching the youthful streets full of life. The lake wind cools the broadened faces, no longer worrying about how to get money and put the food on table.
My grandfather was a male student at Albert Sarraut School (Tran Phu High School now), and my grandmother was a female student at Dong Khanh School (Trung Vuong School now), Hanoi in their stories were always beautiful, even during the war. The streets at that time were full of bomb shelters, but the female students in white “ao dai” rode their bicycles jokingly and giggling along the way after school, the war seemed to not ever exist.
What a beautiful time. Because of optimism, purity, their hearts were not entangled in many struggles to make a living. Singing over the bomb, evacuating leaving the clothes behind, they were accompanied by luggage with a few good books and guitar.
Obviously, Hanoi's autumn is the most beautiful because of its ecstatic innocence and optimism. It is hard to describe. We only feel the coolness, the gentleness in the brilliant golden light. A gentle breeze blows, watching the melancholy splendour in the distant golden rays among the great shade of trees.
Autumn has passed and comes again. We have waited for 10 months, only 2 months to enjoy this season. In those 2 months, there are 2 most beautiful weeks, the first 2 weeks of October.
When the daisies blooms in the basket of the hawkers, when "the fragrance of blackboard tree flowers pervades the street", when yellow roses are present in every family, we know: the season of love - of wedding, of flowering has already come in a distinctive autumn fragrance.
Happy for the beloved country to reopen in time so that autumn can be welcomed into the hearts of people, and people can open their hearts to autumn.


By Nguyen Hoang Phuong
Chief Expert- PTI Education Training Group